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We are Eco-Lighthouse Certified

We at Just Renhold AS recognise our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for future generations. Through our operations, we seek to integrate environmental considerations at all levels of our operations and business models. Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact and at the same time strengthen our responsibility towards our employees, customers, partners and society as a whole.

An important part of the work is to be Environmental Lighthouse certified. This means that we have established an environmental management system that manages climate and environmental work and helps us with continuous improvement. The certification also contains specific requirements that must be met in the areas of working environment, waste/recycling, energy, purchasing and transport. Every year we report figures for our activities that result in a climate account, as well as results and statistics. This information provides a good overview of progress and potential for improvement, and is made publicly available.

Part of the Environmental Lighthouse certification is about the interaction between business and society. Therefore, customers, partners and other stakeholders are invited to provide input on how the climate and environmental impact of our goods/services can be improved. The input gives us useful insight into what needs and expectations you have for Just Renhold in the years ahead.

“ Environment is no one’s property to destroy;
it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect”

Mohith Agadi

Significant Environmental Aspects:

Significant Environmental Aspects:

  • Climate change: Reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to lower emissions of greenhouse gases through energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reduction of waste and emissions.
  • Resource management: Optimizing our resource consumption by reducing, reusing and recycling materials, as well as by choosing suppliers who share our focus on sustainable resource utilization.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems: Protect and preserve biodiversity and ecosystems through responsible land use, protection of natural areas and support for conservation projects.
  • Working environment: Create a safe, inclusive and health-promoting working environment that promotes well-being, equality and personal development for all our employees.

Goals and measures

  • Carbon neutrality: We will work towards achieving carbon neutrality by reducing our emissions and influencing our partners to do the same.
  • Circular economy: Implement circular business models that promote resource economy, product reuse and recycling throughout the value chain.
  • Biodiversity protection: Working with local authorities, organizations and communities to preserve and restore ecosystems, as well as reduce our impact on vulnerable natural environments.
  • Working environment: Continuously improve our working environment through training, dialogue with employees, risk assessments and implementation of health and safety measures.

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Give us your input on climate and the environment!

Just Renhold wants to give our employees, customers, partners or other stakeholders the opportunity to give input on how the climate and environmental impact of our goods/services can be improved. Feel free to use the form below to provide input!